Monday, May 24, 2010

The dress that is me

Hey all. Monday evenings are so relieving. They are like the wake up calls from a nightmare of  leftover work from the last week. So, to make this Monday evening even more fun, i wanted to share the pictures from this year's JD Institute of Fashion Technology Calender, with you. One of my dearest friends is attending this institute. Thanks to her, i got a chance to sneak peak into the pictures. Prashant Chikodi is the photographer behind these fantabulous pictures. The theme of this photo shoot basically tells a story of your search for a social identity that one of these dresses reflect.

1) Adventure

2)  Amazon

3) Coffee Devotee

4) Fear Factor

5) Gambler

6) Harmony

7) Leisure

8) Maayan

9) Imperfect

10) Plus size Fashionista 

11) Victoria

12) Tatoo

My social identity is defined by "Leisure". I am more of a day dreamer, an emotional being. I can spend hours starting at nature, articles in museums, historical sights or travel back in time contemplating about my past deeds or write poetry in absolute solitude. 

So friends, which Picture/Dress defines your social identity??  Share your thoughts!!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

A Firefly

Hi friends,

Here is my latest poem for a weekly poetry challenge held by Totalfeckineejit on the name " Poetry Bus".(for more information please click on the link) . One of the beautiful bloggers'  Terresa Wellborn is driving  this week's TFE's Poetry Bus. You can find more information at Driving the poetry bus about Terresa and about the participation details.

As a part of this competition, she included a Poetry Prompt which is a picture by Keith Carter from his book, Fireflies. Here is that Picture:

And here is my poem in response to the picture. Wish me luck!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Initiative

I am so happy to write this post. As i proceed on, i started this blog to post my views and my poetry for a specific group of audience who can share the passion that i crawl for. But little did i realized that this blogging world has pumped the much needed fuel into my ambition of writing a book. Evidently, a novel. Initially i was much more focused on compiling a book that portrays  my verses. This book is in its early stage now and it would definitely take some more time till i can see the finished product. But now i am very happy to share the news that i am diving into an ocean of creative writing that can help me deliver a beautiful novel. For this thing to happen i really need support of all the novel writers, publishers, critics and much importantly friends who can guide me, support me, advice me and warn about the potholes in this journey.

There are lot of people who helped me to nurture this idea. And i thank all of them starting with,
1)Mom: She is the most important part of my life, who constantly encouraged reading and supported financially to fill in my library with the most magnificent books on the planet.
2) My school: For all those literary competitions viz lyric writing, debates, essay writing etc
3)My Friends: For pulling out time to listen to my works even though they were never interested.
4)My blogger Buddy Saumya: She is a true inspiration, very talented and a good soul.Though i knew her only few months now, she gave me much needed push without her knowledge.
5)Ooha(means Imagination in my native language): This is the name i gave to my alterego. She is much more bolder and risk taker than i am. She constantly wants to do something different, something worthwhile that gives this life an added value.

My work will fall in the Genre which includes works by Jhumpa Lahari, Anita Desai, Kiran Desai  and Arundhati Roy. No comparison with  these legends but i am giving an idea about my style of story telling.

So, I welcome all of you who visit my blog, to post your suggestions/experiences and share the fun and frolic each day. Do watch me starting out, getting marinated, plunging in, getting deep fried, tumble washed and hung out dry. Enjoy.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Back from Hiatus

I was filling up my spare time with my new addiction "Heroes" all these days. Now that i happened to cover all the seasons, i am finally back. The last episode of Heroes season 4 or chapter 5 as it is called, had some cliffhanging moments. While i was looking forward for a new season, i was astonished with the news that the series has been called off by NBC this week. That came in a  surprise for me and made me sad. But they are going to wrap up with a 2-3 hour show in near future.All my life, I have been a big fan of super hero stories. As a kid i watched super hero cartoons, as a teenager i indulged in super hero and science fiction novels and here i am still satisfying those interests.

Heroes is paramount story about ordinary people contended with the fact that they had extraordinary powers. Some think it is a curse, some think they are destined to have them and some think they are angels of god to rule the earth. Heroes apparently gave me a different perspective on super hero talent. All the movies and cartoons just depict how the good super hero hunts down the bad one and saves the world. But Heroes is not about one super power story. It is about ordinary people, it is about how want to get rid of these powers but convince themselves to lead a normal life with these powers. It is about readjusting to the life handling abnormal changes which affect their loved ones and their surroundings. It showed how world is not a safe place even for the gifted ones and how they unintentionally embark a risky journey to protect themselves from the bad. 

Of all, it gave a perfect message that Love is the only emotion that can conquer any super power, as opposed to regular shows of that genre. A character called "Peter Patrelli", who is a hospice nurse/ paramedic, uses his powers to save the dying. Another character "Sylar" is a serial killer always targeting evolved humans with abilities. However in the end he realizes how he lost himself in the quest of some craziness, after saving a lady.  

On the whole this series gives an idea how super powers can be painful, depressive and can ruin lives in spite of the common notion of coolness associated with them.  So people, when ever you think about having two extra hands or being invisible or can time travel, just think you are just awesome the way you are, being normal. 

For me this week had send offs in store for every show that is on my list. Gossip Girl finale was an epic. But the character   "Jenny" had crossed the extremes of being a spoiled brat and accumulated hatred among most followers. In spite of Blair giving a second chance, it was sad to see Chuck could not come clean. And the writers should take the edge off of Serena's character on being confused, gullible and lack of direction. 

On the other hand 90210 finale was a complete disappointment. There were like a zillion cliffhanger moments and we have to wait till September 2010 to watch. But it is good to see Annie and Liam together. All the characters of 90210 have some serious work as a part of their lives as opposed to characters of Gossip Girl (except for Vanessa and Chuck).

And this season also saw Ugly Betty's exit. Ugly Betty always brought itself a positive energy of what all can an ordinary girl accomplishes. And it is set up in NYC background. I always have a soft corner for any series which has NYC backdrop.

Now that I am done with Heroes and not getting to watch either Gossip Girl or 90210 till September, I wanted to get hooked up with another series. I tried watching Glee but I could not able to connect with it. Then I had some kind of poll on Lost vs.  Dexter amongst my friends and the winner turns out to be Lost. I had a quick review of Lost in Time's “Lost in 108 seconds". Loved it so far and will update my experiences with Lost in near future.

Till then XOXO (Gossip Girl style ;))