Sunday, May 17, 2009

jana gana mana rann....

I was hearing to the song from the latest movie Rann. It is yet another controversy-prone-directional-venture of Ram Gopal Verma. The first time i heard the song, i was totally blown out. I was taken aback about why in the world he has choosen our National Anthem as his film's title song. The second time i heard i realised he included certain lyrics that reflect his movie's theme. So, obviously censor board rejected his innovation, thus causing this maverick director to put up a press meet and make us listen to his side of the story.

The whole movie promo thing has made the country to sit and think for a minute. For some, it made a sensible effort to reflect the present state of our democratic society and for some it made a silly adaptation of most respectable song of the nation. One blogger went ahead and stated " National Anthem is not to be remixed". But if you happened to hear the song clearly, it is just modified enough to depict the feel of the movie. Its just aint a remix!

To put in words of the song writer himself, Sarim Momin, said "While the National Anthem speaks about India and Victory, this song talks about the 'need' to achieve that victory by keeping India united today"

I personally dont think it is demeaning our national song. On contrary, it speaks about today's society standards and urges every indian to stand up in struggle to make a glorious India, which our anthem portrays. To all those narrow-minded people, please do not burn effigies as it is not a parody of national anthem. Nor it is a new national anthem for a new India. It is just a humble request from a small movie intended to bring awarness about media manipulated society.