Thursday, March 11, 2010

A trail long gone cold

This poem is about the current situation that is prevailing in India. I am really tired of reading corrupt stories, murder articles, a cult's(Shiv Sena) obsessiveness for one religion to exist in a secular India and Andhra's youth claiming their lives for a cause. All Indians who are enjoying the fruits of  freedom bought by our beloved leaders, have forgotten the means and purpose of this freedom. The true sense of Democracy  "By the people, to the people, for the people" is now confined to classroom teachings in schools. Freedom to live, freedom of speech are still a dream for most of the Indians.

Did we ever practice getting things done in peaceful way since Independence?. The only peaceful way we follow these days is bribery. We forgot teachings of Gandhi, we forgot how Ahimsa has led to the greatest victory the country ever experienced. This situation should change.

I wish every Indian should pledge this: We will fight for our causes in a peaceful way by not giving up our lives. We will discourage corruption and get things done in a "peaceful" way. We will not encourage hatred, fight and murder each other. We will not exchange words criticizing other religions, as we are the people who have to carry legacy of  father of the nation. A legacy that should set a good example to rest of the world.

I see a dizzy pace of upheaval in today's India
tough out there for a leader with an ideology
an ideology that Buddha preached
an ideology that Gandhi practiced
The country finds itself on the cusp of confusion,
chaos and dissolution brought by
greed, power and crime.
Frustrated souls not willing to take
this time for glum acceptance
nor clinging to fight for peace with peace

He who parlayed a problem
into a thriving social expression
He who with a stick and a vision
drove entire nation for freedom
had a glorious prophecy for future India
But generations, since, diluted his aura,
brushed off  his principles
The foot prints that brought freedom
have faded in the wheel of time
Ahimsa, on the verge of extinction,
is now a trail long gone cold

Sure we live in a time of innovation and expansion
but prizes always go to shrewd politicians
who can stake out new territory, define boundaries,
even set new rules for the game
a game giving illusions of freedom
for the nameless hundreds
a game exploiting the true
sense of  Democracy

We are approaching a tipping point
in attitudes and behaviors towards the downturn
A country promised to be united even diversified
is breathing hatred and division
is claiming lives of youth
is suffering the loss of  resources
i can see millions of Gandhis
on currencies that fill the pockets
and i wonder if they are just  images
not a reminder of glory, truth and non-violence

I want to see the situation unfreeze
let all portray Ahimsa in a new context,
a new reality, not a return to the world as we knew it
but become a part of dream envisioned by the greatest leader
Let us walk the trail he walked

Monday, March 8, 2010

Oscars Twenty Ten

I felt bad missing Oscars for awards presentation. But not for fashion 'cause when it comes to fashion, it is better applauded on a still screen than on a motion screen.So, i scooped out much fun in helping my eyes gleam with hollywood glam on internet. First, i congratulate all the winners and nominees as well. The most covoted Best Actress is finally won by Sandra Bullock as i wished.While watching the movie " The Blind Side", i could not help but admire the real life character " Leigh Anne Touey" portrayed by Sandra Bullock. A strong, possesive white mother adopting a black child, who eventually brings his talent to limelight, made Bullock an oscar winner. And Bullock's Silver Marchesa dress for the evening, has given us another reason to glee for her.

By the way, what's with the silver, gold, metallic shimmery shades on the red carpet? I can clearly see hollywood welcomed summer before spring with those pale textured dresses. Even Kristen Stewart's midnight blue,Penelope Cruz's dusky red did not brighten up the red carpet as different tones of silver did.

My personal favourites from this Oscars: Sandra Bullock, Jennifer Lopez, Elisebeth Banks and Cameroon Diaz. J Lo worked the dress with her flaunting curves while Diaz looked whimsical in champagne tulle gown. The cascading ruffles on Elizabeth Banks created a ripple of envy in me.Sighh....

A top nod goes to Demi Moore, not only for her red carpet fashion but also for her ever lasting beauty. This lady belongs to my mom's generation. Yet she makes all the young ladies give Oh-my-how can she get/look/make/dress/Blah fashion lingo and all the men go weak on their knees. She looked extraordinarily stunning in Versace's strapless silk organza for her age(47).

And finally it is sad for me that Anne Hathaway is not spotted anywhere near oscars. No nominations and no presentations. Well, i can wait for Oscars'11. Mean while, i will catch up with her on other red carpets!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Old, yet refreshing

This is about a poem i wrote in 1997. I totally forgot this even exists. Found it at my home recently, when i was in India trip. Thanks to mom for preserving my early work :) I was so glad i found it and amused while going through it. I wrote it when Titanic movie had released , when whole world went crazy over it.

This poem describes about Rose's feelings for her love Jack, after his death. There is nothing great about this poem except it connects me to my past self. It is sort of like a page from a personal diary. I always wanted to maintain one personal diary but  feared it might fall into some random hands. With a diary like that you can always fall back in your free time, ponder over and re live your past. I should start writing a personal journal (not referring to a blog here) at least from now since every thing is digital and secured. So that, in future when i have no one to talk to or when i am tired of talking to people around me, i can travel back in time and talk to my past self. Hellooo Shilpa =]'s the poem..

Jack, its me Rose,
Your hand in my hand
indeed was a big hope
When i looked at you
your eyes were filled with my image
I can clearly not miss you
But i had to leave you in those chilled waters

Years passed on by
But my love for you hasnt gone dry
My promise to you
has not missed its reality
"Rose" with all her color put on,
Waited everyday for
rain to shower on it

You are far away from me
playing with stars
singing along with moon
But you are in my breath
going into my heart and pumping out strength

That night,
While others struggled for their lives
you rescued my lilfe
yes, you rescued, my life, your soul

I owe you for everything
And i promise to repay
waiting for a warm welcome from you......