Sunday, April 26, 2009

Celebrity look-a-likes

Isn't it flattering if somebody stops by you just to say that you look like a particular celebrity. And what if this happens to you on a daily basis????I betcha, nobody gets bored of such uninvited adulation. So, one online site has come up with an idea to publish its viewers pictures, if they have experienced similar kind of response now and then in their lives. Below are some of those pictures that made me wonder how can god be so specific sometimes....Have a look....

Keira Knightly look-a-like

Everyone can guess this...

Yeah..definitely Kate Hudson

Fergie look-a-like(Hmmmm...)

Steve Carrell ofcourse..

My fav. Brenda Song ( yay me...two of them ;)

And finally Angie look-a-like....

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Turning a New Leaf

The lava inside my heart
Fulminated as it were a volcano
Descending along the rough roads
It indurated through the course of time
I knew the barren land would feel nothing
But came the winds of joy n drops of hope
And there blossomed the daisies of compassion

Fun has lost its fun while having a ride with me
Dysphoric thoughts started disturbing my days
Life seemed to be “tristfully ever after”
I knew that “grey” exemplifies my situation
But never thought “green” could shine in my destination
Now this ray of hope struck the cord…
I wish it weren’t another enticing delusion!!!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

New Life

I am sailing….
through the waters of life,
embracing every wave of trouble.
I am pure as driven snow,
holding a bunch of stars,
to spread my presence across….

Asleep at the wheel till now,
and lost all the vigor and glow.
Awake and aroused today
analysing every move I make.

I am starting where I stopped,
clearing the clutter that made me stall.
Not afraid of loosing anything
but strong enough to prepare for something.

Hurdles can’t hold me back.
Pain is the new teacher,
always telling me to fight back

Heedful, mindful and watchful i am
Started again to sail through the waters of life……

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Someone special

Standing alone in the rain,
i was waiting for a ride.
I can see street lights,
spangled the night skyline.
I wished to get home early,
but caught up in the midst of nowhere.
was a fool to realize, the situation
was meant to meet some one
some one, so "speciale".

Struggling with my umbrella, I gave a look
at a figure dashing down the street.
as she approached me laying off
the distance between us,
she started to excite my aesthetic admiration.
Her charisma could have removed,
multitude of sins that i committed.
She stood in front of me and gave a look,
as if a riddle wrapped up in an enigma.
Pointing to her hand she was asking something,
her voice was echoing in my ears,
but my mind could not decipher the words.
Bewildered was she, in the water covered night,
but i could not help get hold of my senses
that were locked and surrendered at her feet.

Do not know what to do,
she started to move away.
This made my heart to miss the beat,
and my conscious to regain its life.
I went after her to offer help.
but the chase left me lone and dark roads
with no sight of her........

I could have made a virtue of necessity
but came back empty handed
Serendipity could have cursed me
for the bliss i just missed
i hope my immoderate fond for her
would rearrange for a time
where our paths cross again!!!!