Saturday, April 24, 2010

The color Hot Pink

Pink is the color that represents femininity. Pink adorns the curves of women when it flows along with the fabric they wear. Pink enlightens our world when it spreads on the walls of our room. Pink creates a wave of happiness when it decorates woman's lips, pink is a quiet color that makes a huge statement when we carry it in any form. pink is all babies, little girls, candies and breast cancer awareness. 

Spring is all about bright colors and pink is bright. Hot pink is even brighter. I am having this "fashion craving" for all that is hot pink this spring.

It all started after seeing this picture of Jennifer Garner. Ms Garner is one such a lady, who can pull of any color with any fabric. And this hot pink Christian Dior dress brings out sheer elegance that competes with her smile to greet the viewers first. A hot pink dress like this will definitely make my day.

 Hot pink can make any one at any age look elegant and chic.

While talking about Hot Pink, i remember Bollywood heroine Katrina Kaif, who looks absolutely stunning in all that is Hot Pink.
This pink Saree is just near to plain but because of the color, it looks mesmerizing on her. 

I would not write this post had i not come across these Givenchy Cut- Out Shoe Boots, online. A sheer stunner, potential enough for a crime that can be avoided if i ignore them ( crime here refers to swiping my card to buy these shoes). It is hard to resist them but i better look for a cheaper alternative.

My choice for nail polish is becoming bolder and bolder. Eventually, i am now known as " the girl with weird nail polish colors" in my close circuit.(Bold=weird? seriously?). But my thirst for bolder colors is on the rise which is proved by the color that i absolutely want to decorate my nails now. Hot Pink by OPI. 

I welcome all women to embrace the color this spring. Have a bright-HotPink-full day!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Give me some sunshine....Give me some rain........

As soon as i escaped India's scorching heat flying to US, i thought NJ would welcome me with a lively spring weather it presents every year. But how would i ever thought my plea for "some rain" while i was in India would dramatically become reality in US. Now i am clinging to the phrase " give me some sunshine" cause i want to step out every day with a smile.  Tired to see this gloomy weather when one still has those beautiful and fresh memories of outings in India. Armed with a pair of flip flops, a pony tail, a skirt and top, small clutch and a pair of shades, i can roam around the city with bunch of girl friends all day long. No car, no parking issues, no week before plans/ appointments for the coming weekend, no hassles with jackets/umbrellas/gloves not sure of when the weather would change. Rarely, one would check for weather online to plan something as the seasons always remain obedient to us.

A Saturday in India:

I want to share one of the Saturdays during my stay in India. The morning started waking up along with grand mom to get ready for puja. A head bath followed by picking up flowers and sitting at puja filled the early hours of Saturday. Then read the local newspaper sipping coffee( no online news). After that randomly made up my mind to visit our ancestral home which was built by my great grandfather and was like 10 km away from my home ( This house is like more than 100 years old and i spent a small part of my life growing up there). I took my Honda Activa bike, picked up my cousin and drove all the way. Being at that place had made my mind to rewind the memories that got stored over the years and i was a child all over again. I happened to visit a  small shop in the same place where we used to buy chocolates. After spending 2 hours, we returned back home and had lunch. The menu consisted of home made tamarind pickle and tomato daal. Though these do not make it to the list of Mogul in NJ or the Cheese Cake Factory, they have their own reputation as comfort foods. Then after tried watching TV which kind of sucked as my grand mom did not let me switch the channels as the daily soaps pour in all the day long. So i pressed buttons on my cell phone and called my cousins ( One being in medical college, one working and one looking for jobs in IT) and planned to meet up for a movie ( the medical college one had to bunk the class). We drove in a car to big cinemas and watched a Telugu movie " Leader". ( I wanted to give a review for this amazing movie here but apparently it distracts the topic). Then, after a hour long journey in the traffic we reached home, got freshened up and hit the road again for shopping. This time we hired an auto rickshaw, which gave a pleasant ride to the shopping center of the city. The air along the road filled up with all kinds of smells where the smell of soot coming out from automobiles dominated all. We all got down and hit the dress store, where a shop boy brought  dresses and opened up in front of us so that we can select a dress. After making that guy to literally open up  all the dresses the store got, we finally zeroed up on 5 dresses.( Thanks to his patience).  After the fun and exhausting shopping, we wanted to feed our stomachs and found a cart selling Pani Puris on the other side of the street. These Pani Puris had the authentic taste which the "Bombay Chaat" on Oak Tree Road killed. After that we strolled along the street and made frequent stops at bangle carts, jewelery carts and shoe stores. The best part one should not miss out while enjoying shopping in Indian streets is bargaining.You can almost get like 50% discount if you bargain. And if you walk out of the store when you are not satisfied with the price, the shopkeeper wont let you go empty handed and chances are high he will agree to your price ( of course with a marginal profit for him).  From there we hired an auto rickshaw to the local exhibition (the mini version of  Six Flags). The not so adventurous rides drove us through comedic situations. We then managed to grab some chili bajjis and headed back home. No matter how far i live from my city, the motherly love it displays in which ever way i interact with it is amazing. But i can clearly admit New Jersey has been and will be my home away from home. At the end we had a girls night out enjoying the "Super Bowl" of gossips while Saturday closed its doors and Sunday opened its for yet another fun filled extravaganza.

A Saturday in US  might be the same but most of the times you get to enjoy alone and fun always seems to be a need to keep ourselves busy over the weekends. Sincerely, there is a need for sunshine in the weather and sunshine in the routine we Indians do in the US.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

UNO and friends

It has been almost (edited this post after realizing it is exactly a month!) a month since my last post. Do not know why i was away but yeah time really slipped away.
Did not even get a chance to pen down lyrics. Anyways, i tried new software to implement this font on my blog which caught my eye like crazy. I hope it suits well.
My recent activity, well , past few days i did lot of stuff that in some way related to my childhood. I found all the pictures from school and class group photos. It is both funny and interesting to see how one would grow through the years.

Here is a picture from my 9th grade in India.

During weekend, i bumped into card and board games which are also connected to my childhood. Gone were the birthdays where i used to receive gifts, majority of which were the board games and interesting card games.  My all time favorite is Monopoly cause it never seemed to end once we start it. I can recollect an instance where we sat down the previous day evening for a game and continued playing till the next day evening( of course there were breaks now and then).

This Saturday, i enjoyed the glory of the card games again by playing UNO. It might come as a surprise but yeah this was the first time i tried my hand at UNO. An initial clueless followed by confusion leading to excitement left me in the second place( we were four players). wasn't a bad victory after all :D

Childhood is indeed a gift wrapped up with those early moments where we learn, fail, smile, succeed, cry  but wont care what all these mean to us when we grow up. So preserving this time is very important in every person's life.For most of us, dreams come true only after they do not matter, Only in childhood do we ever have the chance of making dreams come true when they mean everything.

If one gets time, please relive your childhood. May be a high school reunion or a garage search or a Facebook meet up or buzz on the favorite teacher's doors or open the album that gathered dust over the years!

The background score for all my musings about my childhood : Secrets by One Republic

"Tell me what you want hear, i am gonna give all my secrets away................"