Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Story of 3G in India

Lot of conflict has been surrounded with introduction of 3G network for main cities of India. After a prolonged speculation, both finance and telecom ministries have decided to launch the auction involving the main players in wireless. The reserve price for the bid is fixed at whooping 4040 crore rupees. The government is estimating the bid to close out at 1.5 billion dollars, which is approximately 7050 crores for each wireless. The government has delayed the 3G rollout due to elections and controversies but is now ready and expecting to win big amount by the auctions whereby they can level the fiscal deficit for this year.

The hard time will be on??


Certainly not on the government after explaining the facts above

If you think that will be the providers bidding high, then its wrong. They are not going to be losers. But arranging huge amount for a given period of time is little risk taking, considering the facts like capital, infrastructure, advertising costs, launching 3G, revising their deals with phone manufacturers, media, investors, state governments and the list goes on. This again affects the length of time that common indian can experience the 3G in his life. Big cities will be the first to experience high-speed internet on the go.

I know you would think the consumers are gonna suffer the price blow. Ofcourse it would be the consumer who will bear the burden of price fixed by the provider. If the provider doesnot want to incure losses, their price would definitely be high. But considering the cellular revolution in India since few years and because of the omni-present-tech-saavy new generation, 3G would be a grand hit.

Price would definitely be an offset in embracing 3G in India intially, but i am sure it wont be the same for long!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

jana gana mana rann....

I was hearing to the song from the latest movie Rann. It is yet another controversy-prone-directional-venture of Ram Gopal Verma. The first time i heard the song, i was totally blown out. I was taken aback about why in the world he has choosen our National Anthem as his film's title song. The second time i heard i realised he included certain lyrics that reflect his movie's theme. So, obviously censor board rejected his innovation, thus causing this maverick director to put up a press meet and make us listen to his side of the story.

The whole movie promo thing has made the country to sit and think for a minute. For some, it made a sensible effort to reflect the present state of our democratic society and for some it made a silly adaptation of most respectable song of the nation. One blogger went ahead and stated " National Anthem is not to be remixed". But if you happened to hear the song clearly, it is just modified enough to depict the feel of the movie. Its just aint a remix!

To put in words of the song writer himself, Sarim Momin, said "While the National Anthem speaks about India and Victory, this song talks about the 'need' to achieve that victory by keeping India united today"

I personally dont think it is demeaning our national song. On contrary, it speaks about today's society standards and urges every indian to stand up in struggle to make a glorious India, which our anthem portrays. To all those narrow-minded people, please do not burn effigies as it is not a parody of national anthem. Nor it is a new national anthem for a new India. It is just a humble request from a small movie intended to bring awarness about media manipulated society.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Celebrity look-a-likes

Isn't it flattering if somebody stops by you just to say that you look like a particular celebrity. And what if this happens to you on a daily basis????I betcha, nobody gets bored of such uninvited adulation. So, one online site has come up with an idea to publish its viewers pictures, if they have experienced similar kind of response now and then in their lives. Below are some of those pictures that made me wonder how can god be so specific sometimes....Have a look....

Keira Knightly look-a-like

Everyone can guess this...

Yeah..definitely Kate Hudson

Fergie look-a-like(Hmmmm...)

Steve Carrell ofcourse..

My fav. Brenda Song ( yay me...two of them ;)

And finally Angie look-a-like....

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Turning a New Leaf

The lava inside my heart
Fulminated as it were a volcano
Descending along the rough roads
It indurated through the course of time
I knew the barren land would feel nothing
But came the winds of joy n drops of hope
And there blossomed the daisies of compassion

Fun has lost its fun while having a ride with me
Dysphoric thoughts started disturbing my days
Life seemed to be “tristfully ever after”
I knew that “grey” exemplifies my situation
But never thought “green” could shine in my destination
Now this ray of hope struck the cord…
I wish it weren’t another enticing delusion!!!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

New Life

I am sailing….
through the waters of life,
embracing every wave of trouble.
I am pure as driven snow,
holding a bunch of stars,
to spread my presence across….

Asleep at the wheel till now,
and lost all the vigor and glow.
Awake and aroused today
analysing every move I make.

I am starting where I stopped,
clearing the clutter that made me stall.
Not afraid of loosing anything
but strong enough to prepare for something.

Hurdles can’t hold me back.
Pain is the new teacher,
always telling me to fight back

Heedful, mindful and watchful i am
Started again to sail through the waters of life……

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Someone special

Standing alone in the rain,
i was waiting for a ride.
I can see street lights,
spangled the night skyline.
I wished to get home early,
but caught up in the midst of nowhere.
was a fool to realize, the situation
was meant to meet some one
some one, so "speciale".

Struggling with my umbrella, I gave a look
at a figure dashing down the street.
as she approached me laying off
the distance between us,
she started to excite my aesthetic admiration.
Her charisma could have removed,
multitude of sins that i committed.
She stood in front of me and gave a look,
as if a riddle wrapped up in an enigma.
Pointing to her hand she was asking something,
her voice was echoing in my ears,
but my mind could not decipher the words.
Bewildered was she, in the water covered night,
but i could not help get hold of my senses
that were locked and surrendered at her feet.

Do not know what to do,
she started to move away.
This made my heart to miss the beat,
and my conscious to regain its life.
I went after her to offer help.
but the chase left me lone and dark roads
with no sight of her........

I could have made a virtue of necessity
but came back empty handed
Serendipity could have cursed me
for the bliss i just missed
i hope my immoderate fond for her
would rearrange for a time
where our paths cross again!!!!

Sunday, March 29, 2009


I guess god has glorified the nature,
when he bestowed beauty upon her.
Trees set a pleasant gayle,
as she arrived to this world.
Warmed up were the winter chills,
assimilating her smile into them.
Her presence is like a breeze,
set in faire weather beginneth at dusk.
She is divination of light,
even night glowed taking pride in her.
Days would slip emptily,
were you always in thought of her.
Her mystifying looks will leave you,
with a puzzled countenance.
She is a beautiful stop,
in your mind's peregrination.
Wake up, as she might be true,
if you care for her existence.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Everything looks just beautiful!

Your love has just made
every day a perfect one.
It made sliver droplets
fallover and delight my skin.

Your love has painted on me
with the strokes of enduring admiration.
Is it red, is it blue or is it yellow,
I cannot define as i am blinded
by your debonair glow.

I did not even spell out
my mouthful of wishes,
God has sent you for me
as an answer to my eternal glee.

I was bound to be a waterfall
and jump with jubliance to reach my love.
Today i am one, as i could see myself
lay in your mighty arms now.....

Friday, March 27, 2009


I did not dream of this
to happen every minute.
Tussles and scuffle
at every inch of the road.
Predicament and lament every way i go.
intensely excruciating is my pain.

Do you know what i feel,
Do you care what i am going through,
Can't you accept my apology,
Oh baby, spare me from this agony.

Haunting, is my disgraceful act.
Tormenting, is my unethical attitude.
I want to wash my sins away,
Can you open doors again for me,
Can you shower forgiveness upon me,
or at least comfort me and pretend.
But do not leave me in a solitude till my end.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

A day in my life (Fiction)

Ummm…the tasty idly flavor without any hesitation trekked the air and found a path to enter my nose as I approached to the corner of my street. I persistently tried my conscience to allow me to indulge into the taste but it gave me red signal as i have to instantly take an auto rickshaw for the railway station. All my kith and kin including my parents have gone to attend a grandiose marriage ceremony of my beloved cousin but I was left behind as I was handcuffed to the semester examinations. I am released from them today and if i can get the earliest train to Hyderabad, i too can join the fun as the marriage is going to take place at 9:00 am today. I made it to the station by 5:30 am and the departure time is 5:45 a.m. As I entered the station, i can see a long twisted line of passengers waiting to get a ticket for traveling. Alas! how can I make it to the counter with such a huge crowd in front of me? For a minute I thought to jump into the crowd, fight like a lion and win a ticket. But wait a minute, what about my dignity? i consider myself as a refined and urbane individual and I cannot do that. But as the time is approaching and my mind is overcrowded with thoughts, suddenly a huge figure made a way out from the crowd and started talking to me. He said “Sir, do you want a ticket to Hyderabad? I sell for a cost twice to the original cost of the ticket, unless, you wish to get into the crowd and buy one for you”. Wait a minute! Am i in a railway station or in a cinema theater? As I am thinking he interrupted “sir, if you want, i can take 5 rupees off”. I could not help but take the ticket as I have only 5 minutes left for the train to arrive. While i paid for the ticket, I asked him whether it is his daily job. He replied with a crazy smile, “only at rush hours" and left. I too started running towards the other platform for the train, which, then is announced 15 minutes late. And nothing to do now i stood leaning against a pole that carried a flag of Telugu Desam Party. As i watch it floating in the air, i remember my uncle’s words. He is a successful businessman in USA and made a visit recently to India and to our home too. On a certain occasion, we started discussing about life in USA. While the conversation was going on, he mentioned that we see American flags dancing with the winds at every nook and corner of US streets, buildings etc. But here in India we rarely find Indian flags and that too only on or in front of government buildings. Instead of Indian flags, we find flags of political parties every where. While thoughts are feeding my brain and suddenly I remember that I did not feed my stomach since morning. I repented for not tasting those mouth watering Idlies. But i still got chance as i see a cart selling them on the other side of platform. But then I have 5 more minutes for the train to arrive and thought to have a coffee instead as it is the only thing available on this side of platform. As I sip the coffee, I saw an elderly lady beg. No one is even bothered to listen her plea. Its my turn now. She explained her situation that her son met with an accident in Hyderabad and that she has no money to travel. Also told that she does not need money but the ticket as there is no more time to buy the ticket. I am convinced to give the ticket. But hey, what about the marriage? Come on, i felt bad for my selfishness and donated my ticket to her. She blessed me and waited for the train which is now signaling its arrival with a horn. Now, i am in a despair that if I cannot make it to marriage with this train then I will reach Hyderabad by lunch time and miss all the fun. The train stood in front of me and with out any second thought, I got into the train. The lady also got into a different compartment and did not even notice me while getting into the train. The person standing near me suggested that the old woman betrayed me by lying for a ticket and it is her frequent job for a free commute. At the moment i cannot forgive myself for a stupid mistake and no choice left i decided to pay the fine if a ticket collector appears. I managed to get a seat for me and started to think how the old lady fooled me and how i became a scapegoat amongst all other passengers. After two and half hours of tiresome journey, the train reached Secundrabad station and fortunately no ticket collector turned up. I got down and as I approached the exit, i saw the ticket collector collecting tickets. I barley escaped through the exit without him noticing me. Outside, I saw the same old lady and I thought to spill my anger upon her. As i approached her an old man came running towards her, stood in front of her and started explaining something to her. Finally both of them started weeping. I could not resist and went forward to ask the matter and console them. But then came my cousin on a Hero Honda bike to pick me up and started shouting at me to get on to the bike so that we can reach in time for marriage. For a minute my mind, first time since morning, went blank. I did not sense how I took the back seat of bike and how my cousin drove to the marriage hall. I got down and attended the marriage but the whole day my mind clouded with only one thought “what might have happened to them”? But one thing is clear that I did not became a scapegoat.