Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Took the trash out.....

Last week i felt the weight of trash on me in tons. An accumulation not surrounding me but inside my mind. Although my yoga classes helped me to clean the toxins inside my body but could do only little to clean the toxins that occluded my thoughts. Procrastination has been a frenemy till now. But somehow i got bounced back to realty for all good reasons and  realized it is the time to declutter  the brain cells. And so i initiated a philanthropic effort to help my needy mind.

Catching up with old friends always gives you a freshness to the buried memories. This task was indeed first on my list. Just a phone call to dear old friend swept off the cobwebs of  lifestyle induced Amnesia.

When i swiped my library card while checking out Malcolm Gladwell's "The Outliers", little did i realize how much energy this book is going to pass onto me. A thought provoking book on how human thinking is falsely misguided with conventional wisdom.

A marathon of  Tom and Jerry and The Little Mermaid have truly brought back the relaxation and child's excitement to the windows of my brain which on a rather regular day are glued to unending lines of code. There might be only a handful out there who wont agree that Ariel's youthful exuberance will lift off your spirits. The rest, you very well know how i must have felt watching those videos.

Whether its summer or not, a Watermelon on my kitchen counter always gives me a glimpse of summer. When i blend its interiors into thick juice and drink, i always feel like summer has skipped its routine just to shook me with mirth. I did treat myself for this, just one more time.

There could not be any better day in an entire year that Holi must have choosen than choosing last saturday. Holi, a word which resonates with "Holy" is an Indian festival mostly know among unknowns as " Festival of colors". The vibrant colors on and around me infused an effervascent oxygen like matter into my complexified molecules which gained double momentum afterwards. 

Best things that revitalize us are everytime around us but we just fail to attend to our surroundings everyday. I realized i should take cues from things which are least important in life but have most impact when acknowledged.

 Do you sometimes feel your mind is filled with trash? What do you do to flush these mental toxins?

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Recuperating from my blog sabbatical

This is what happens when work dictates your 24 hours every day. But staying committed  to your passions would not have hurt a solid one hour at least on weekends. Although i was distracted away from writing, but true to the previous statement  i have committed my weekends to my other passion, i.e. Reading. I sure did got off the writing road and flagged down a taxi for the reading land. During my stay there, i summoned Salman Rushdie's Historical fiction- Midnight's Children, had a joyous ride with Sophie Kinsella's heroines, analysed George Bush's presidential decisions from his memoir, appreciated individualism portrayed by Ayn Rand's characters from The Fountainhead and finally could not get enough of drama and mystery from Lisa See's novels. This list might take few more lines if said in full.

 The warm putrid air in the subway car, the sound of mixer blades blending ice cubes with coffee at Starbucks, sparkle of  lazy sun rays making way through window blinds, the mild swing of hammock while i rest made those hours of reading worthwhile saving from being lost in memory.

Reading, like movies or theater is a form to try peer unobtrusively at author's ideas. The best ideas which surprise you, weep you, smear a joy streak across your face and marry you to the book till the end. Hopefully this enormous insight and experience i got from my reading break will help in organizing my thoughts into beautiful words...wish me luck :)