Sunday, October 19, 2008

Totally no PC day!

Wow...after so many days i got a break from my laptop. But it was only for one day(yesterday). And now i realized how intervened are our lives with computers. But anyways, i really had fun going out yesterday and enjoyed to the fullest. As for today, i regret for the fact that i missed breast cancer awareness marathon in NYC. But hey! who would want to wake up so early on a Sunday morning and run. Yeah, got it, laziness got deep into my head. Now i sincerely apologize that i neglected my commitment towards a good cause.

So moving on.....suddenly, i got interested in the periodic table (i wonder why ???). Yes the Chemistry periodic table. I was reading about this element "Thallium", its properties and compounds. Interesting to know, Thallium isotopes are radioactive and the element is considered as poison. But as far as i remember, i never heard the metal Thallium, when my teachers taught Chemistry. Thallium is used in optical and electrical industries and of course rat killing products. Because of its radioactive behavior, Thallium is banned for use in rat killing products. But China is still using it.

So talking about China, i remember about the unhealthy infants food that made news recently. They were using a product called "Melamine", normally used in plastics, to cut the costs. Now whole world has banned these products but at the expense of four infant lives.

Please people at least do not compromise with healthy food you eat and each Government should form a well infrastructured commission to establish and implement better standards for a healthy living.

Saturday, October 18, 2008


Finally!! Yes it has been on and off in my mind and finally it took off. I am talking about setting up a blog and finally here i come up with one. This space would be filled with some of my ramblings, good ones/bad ones, my fiction writing
(its hard to keep up with it now-a-days), Poetry and lot more to add to the list.

Well, it was a rough day today and also Friday. And this evening is meant for cozening up in my shell.

But i did caught up with season 9 episodes of CSI and the latest show 'The Mentalist' on The Mentalist is good, interesting and has similar base line as CSI. But the way the case is solved looks silly when you are so obsessed with legendary CSI. Well the season premier of CSI is little sad because of warren's exit. But the show is still worth watching!

Meanwhile, i was going through Lindsay Lohan's blog on Myspace. Good to know that she is into politics and supports Barack Obama. It is interesting to read her views and reviews on Sarah Palin and the whole election campaign. Well LL has got an other side of her that i saw today which is so different from what tabloids boast.