Monday, July 19, 2010

Poetry Bus Dramedy!!

Hey guys!
I am little late for the bus this week. I hope there is a seat left. Argent is driving the bus this week and has a superb prompt. You can compile a thought on either comedy or unrequited love into poetry. (Unrequited love is a love that is not openly reciprocated or understood by the beloved.)Argent also pointed out that we can also combine the two challenges into one and pour out our hard work into beautiful lines. I normally would go with writing something about love since that is my forte (Forte only in terms of writing and not literally:)). But this time i thought to write something based on  unrequited love + comedy and i finally ended up writing one,
"A Dramedy"

This is about a girl who fell for a CIA officer(ficitional) and tells the story of her unrequited love in a comical way.

I am flattery at its most dangerous,
yet i could not make you love me.
You dont marvel at this tremendous beauty,
but gaze at wacky inventivness of gadgets
I am not a super hit brand like Jolie
If i was, i would have adopted you my Brad.
I may look like absurdity of premise,
but please try to unfold the crazy plot beyond.
When a trouble brews inside protective walls of the nation
you bring it under control with enormous style and sophistication
While i take pride in your victory,
you laugh out loud and mark me being childishly.
Your talks are dreadfully stuffy in any case
irritatingly officious too.....
And if i ask your opinion on love,
you bring out brusqueness and be short with me
Whole world is paranoia about finding Laden
instead they find you and inject some emotion
So you can sense my obvious dissappointment
and feel the love enchantment!!!


Argent said...

Very original take on this prompt.

Jeanne Iris said...

OMG, Shilpa, this is awesome! I love every line!

Helen said...

You 'got' me with that first line! Wonderful writing ...

Erratic Thoughts said...

Hahaha..This is so goood...
I love that name-Dramedy...
Amazing :)

Peter Goulding said...

There's a lot of stuff going on here Shilpa. A lot of comedy, sure, but its not the straightforward wisecracks but a more subtle and clever humour. Love it!

Shilpa said...

Thanks guys....
@Peter, yeah its true this is not something about wisecracks cause i am very bad at it :(
But i am so happy my attempt is u all!!

jinksy said...

I've met many people who could do with an injection of emotion!:)

Totalfeckineejit said...

A dramedy tonight!Smooth and subtle!

Shilpa said...

@jinsky, Can they share few tips ;)
@TFE Subtle it is. Thank you!!